The event that gathers in Mexico City

the most important bakers and sugar artists from all over the world.

Why Should I attend Cake & Bake Masters?

Cake & Bake Masters a 3 day live international event with the best world class Chefs, Bakers, Chocolatiers and Sugar Crafters, all in one place. Attend the congress, the exhibition floor, hands on classes and interactive workshops by the cake decorator experts. You have to attend!

Find new business alternatives

The Exhibition Floor is the meeting point for the industry’s leading providers. The right place where you can learn about new trends, products and services that grow the market for your company. The new business alternatives and workshops will be here. Come join Us!

Be inspired by the greatest bakers and confectioners.

They will provide you confidence and inspiration to start and move forward. Learn from experts, they will share their experiences, technics and secrets that has made them famous.

Learn from the experts.

A main stage with the greatest of the world.

3 days with conferences, live demos, with the World’s greatest exponents.

The first step is to register to the main event for Latin America bakery and confectionary industry.

What our experts say about the event?


What an amazing opportunity! I'd love to come over to take part in the Cake and Bake Masters event!

Dave Pop, Choccywoccydoodah

An event at the height of the largest in the world

Gerardo Gutierrez

Venue: pepsi CENTER, WTC

Calle Dakota s/n,Benito Juarez,Nápoles,03810 Ciudad de México, D.F., México